The Montvale Athletic League has partnered with TeamSnap to help manage its recreational and travel programs.  Effective immediately, all registrations will be done via  This will require all parents to have an account with Teamsnap.  Teamsnap will remember participant information, so after parents enter their child into the system, they will simply select participants from those used previously.

Active registrations will be available on the registration tab on

Parents should no longer use the old site, but it will remain active for at least another 6 months.  Eventually, the old site will be redirected to the teamsnap site.

Some advantages that TeamSnap will include:

  • Integrated website for things such as sport information, registrations, standings, information, and news.
  • All managers will be assgined a team, with auto-rostering. There will be no need for parents to front the cost of creating their own teams on Teamsnap.  Everything will flow through automatically from registration to team creation.
  • No more need to create email groups, as Teamsnap can be used to send out emails.
  • Enhanced mobile device integration for parents, mangers, and commisioners.
  • Ability to view team schedules on the main website which can be useful to determine field availability.

For parents new to Teamsnap, here are some basic instructions:

  • Parents should have a teamsnap login. You can create a login on
  • To register for a sport, view the active registrations which are available on the MAL website.
  • Click on the appropriate registration via the “Register Now!” button/link.
  • Once redirected to teamsnap, click “New Signup” to register one or many kids.
  • Select your participant/child.  If your child does not show up, click “Create New Participant”. (see picture below).  If you create a new participant, it will remember this participant the next time you register a sport.

  • You can only select one child at a time from the dialog above.  However, you will be able to add additional participants after completing the next step.
  • Fill in information for your child/participant, and information regarding the parent/guardian.
  • Certain programs provide family discounts which are based on the number of participants, if you have additional registrations follow the instructions in the next step.
  • If you want to add another child, use the “Add Existing Participant” or “Add New Participant” on the current form. Fill out the information for that child.  Do this for as many kids as you would like.  The system allows you to select the same participant multiple times in case you need to register a child in multiple programs.  So make sure you are selecting the correct child/participant.
  • Once you have all your participants, and filled out all the required fields, click “Save & Continue”
  • Now pick a program for each of the participant.  (e.g. 11u, 12u, 13/14u).  If you don’t see the required program, you may have entered incorrect information for your child in the prior step.
  • Pay with credit card or ACH transfer.
  • Confirm, and you are done.