The MAL is fueled by the volunteer efforts of parents and community members from Montvale. Whether you are a head coach, assistant coach, helping organize the logistics of a sport, or bringing snacks for the kids after a sporting event, our volunteers help drive the organization as well as the sporting events for the children of the town from grades Pre K - 8.

That being said, we are always looking for new volunteers! The level of involvement is up to you – it could be coaching your child's team or as little as showing up with some cookies after a game.

If you are interested in being a head or assistant coach, there are a few requirements to be aware of ahead of volunteering. Any MAL board member can help you through the process, but it important to take note that the following need to be completed prior to coaching.

  1. Rutgers SAFETY Clinic: all coaches must take this course once and won't need to take it again. More data on the clinic and available courses can be found here:
  2. HEADS UP Concussion Course: this is a course that should be taken once a year. The course can be found here: and make sure to click the link for Coaches. There is no fee to take the course.
  3. Background Check: this has to be done every three years and there is a cost associated for it (~$30). Once you indicate to the MAL that you are interested in coaching and need to have this done by emailing, we will submit your name to the Montvale Town Recreation Director who will then email you detailed instructions.
  4. Sign MAL Code of Coaching Conduct at the start of every season, coaches are required to sign the code of conduct document. Once signed, it can be returned to the MAL certification team.

Any questions on the requirements, please contact the MAL.